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Let your kids be bored

As a parent, there is perhaps nothing is more annoying in my house as having bored children around. Christmas break is a fantastic example – a

Feedback is HARD!

We just finished hosting our very first children’s ministry conference at PAC, Fuel Conference! From many different perspectives, it was a great success! We had ~190

The Fight Against

I am convinced that one of the biggest threats against your family is the family calendar. Seriously, have you ever looked at your families calendar and

What a great night!

Last night was the kickoff of Sr.High ministry for the 2013-14 school year! And let me tell you, It. Was. Awesome! We had a total of

Back to Basics: Thinking with the End in Mind

As a teen, I was pretty artistic and enjoyed sketching and cartooning quite a bit. For Christmas, one year, my parents gave me the gift of

Parents, I know that you promised yourself that you wouldn’t grow old like your own folks; that you would stay current and hip with all the latest

Last post, I urged people to stop saying, “no,” to things out of insecurity, fear and control. However, I believe that there are many times when

As a parent, “no” is a very common word that leaves your mouth – especially if you have young kids! “No, don’t touch that!” “No, don’t

Call me old-school, but I can’t quite bring myself to use the texting abbreviations that so many “young people” are using. I’m grateful that my smart phone

“People who are totally consumed with idealistic principles rarely DO anything.” -Oswald Chambers This was me 4-5 years ago. I prided myself in being an idealistic-cynic

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